THE DEALER  is a feature indie film about a Parisian-trained idealist art dealer who struggles with the contemporary art world and art market’s rapidly evolving structures.

THE DEALER  is a third generation art dealer whose father, uncles and grandfather had served as advisers to fin de siècle’s most prominent figures, from European aristocrats to American industrialists.

THE DEALER  is written and will be directed by American museologist and filmmaker, Homa Taj. The film is inspired by Homa’s many years of experience working with art dealers, as well as art collectors, museum curators, and academically trained art historians. Daughter of an artist mother and a collector father, Homa was trained as an art historian and museologist at The Courtauld Institute of Art, Harvard and Oxford Universities.

THE DEALER  is one in a trilogy of dramas including René which tells the story of the artistic and personal relationships between French sculptor François Auguste René Rodin, Bohemian-born German poet René Maria Rilke, and rish-born playwright George Bernard Shaw. The third feature is about a third generation art collector …